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dee+lee | I did, I do and I always will choose you.
Category: Photography
02 Sep

Christine+PJ | “it’s always been a thing.”

They met through friends! They went to support a friend’s band at the Piston late one night. They were introduced and talked quite comfortably all evening. What he didn’t know, was that she wasn’t single at the time. He asked about her the next day, and was disheartened to learn that she was not on..

30 Aug

Jaylynn+Michael | Birthday Luck

Ok so these two met at a bar… it was Michael’s birthday and let’s just say he was not sober. He was having a good time (or so they told him). With all his Birthday Luck, turns out Jaylynn was at the same bar and let’s just say she was not drunk. In fact she..

30 Aug

Jessica+Mike | Love Boat

Jessica is originally from Australia and was ready to move back until Mike swept her off her feet. They met while working at Hornblower Cruises (hence our location for this +anticipate shoot). She was 3 months away from moving when Mike started as the Food and Beverage manager. She decided to stay and give him..

30 Aug


We’re at White Oaks this weekend capturing Arielle+Alexei’s big day. These two will be saying “I do” with their two boys at their side. As a couple they are fun and outgoing and know how to have a good time. They put humor first and Alexei was having a good laugh at some of the..

30 Aug

Brooke+Cody | +anticipate

These two high school lovebirds have so much in common. Their first real date was at a Jr. B Falcons game in St. Catharines. Cody proposed to Brooke at Lambeau Field because they are insane Green Bay fans. The only thing they love more than the Packers is their cat and maybe Cody’s homemade wings!..

10 Jul

jill+jesse | sneak peak

It’s someone’s birthday today so how fitting for a little sneak peak! Some of the folks involved were: Venue: Stonewall Estates Dress: Second Dance Dessert: The Frosted Cupcake Decor: Simply Beautiful Decor              

25 May

ashley+kenny | A Royal sneak peek

The Royal Wedding took place on May 19, 2018. Oh you heard about that one? Did you hear about the other Royal wedding that went down in Niagara? If not, here’s a sneak peek at Ashley+Kenny’s photos! Venue: St. Catharines Golf and Country Club                

08 Feb

Katelyn+Shane | Rhymes With

We met Katelyn and Shane back in January when they chose Stone Mill as their wedding location. During our first consult it became very apparent that sports is a big part of both of their lives. In fact, they met playing on a Co-ed baseball team. During their +anticipate engagement session back in May we..

19 Jan


Natalie and Bernard met working at Zees Grill while they were studying at Brock University. Bernard has always seen himself as a great catch for the ladies though this is a self-proclaimed statement. In a bizarre turn of events, he caught the attention of a girl who is smart, pretty and runs her own business: Wedding..

21 Nov

Stefanie+Kevin | Lasting Memories

There is truth in the term lasting memories. In 2014 we captured Michelle+Tony’s wedding. In 2015 we captured Telma+Joe’s wedding. In 2016 we captured Carina+Matt’s wedding. Stefanie was at all three events and now it’s her turn. It’s an amazing feeling when our work is seen through a circle of peers and as they all start the..

20 Nov

Jenn+Joe | First Date Debate

How the events that led to their first date is a debate but they both agree that it was mutual friend who got the ball rolling. As the story goes the friend set them up with old but gold schoolyard line: “Hey Joe, Jenn thinks your cute.” *wink* *wink* Joe is originally from Niagara Falls,..

17 Nov

Ainsley+Chris | Connected

The Internet has connected us to each other. For some, it’s a life-long connection. Ainsley and Chris met through eHarmony about seven years ago. Their first date was at a coffee shop where they hit it off so well that their conversation continued after the shop closed. Eventually as the sole patrons they were asked..

15 Nov

Jenny+Jan | Dance Moves

“I loved his dance moves” Words spoken by Jenny when asked about how their journey came to be. As the story goes; she saw him on a dance floor during a social gathering. The next question naturally was if Jan could show off some of these moves. He seemed reluctant at first, but as soon..

03 Nov

Adriana+Christian | +celebrate photo teaser

A teaser for Adriana+Christian…  We spent a lot of time with these two leading up to their wedding. They had us capture everything from their +anticipate engagement shoot and their +anticipate film/+accentuate same day edit. It has been so enjoyable to learn and tell their story. We’re currently working on their +celebrate feature film and +celebrate..

19 Oct

Candace+Ryan | +celebrate photos

A Look at Candace + Ryan’s wedding. Ryan is a longtime friend who has scored almost all of my indie films and always a good time to be around. We used to walk to elementary school together, he’d take the 20 second walk towards my place, we’d pick up another friend Nate (we also shot..

13 Oct

Lindsay + Cameron | Friday the 13th +anticipate

It’s Friday the 13th and there is no couple more suitable for a blog post on this day. The day Jason came home… or something like that. I’ve known Lindsay since high school and we have been friends since! I first watched John Carpenter’s Halloween with Lindsay years ago and amidst laughing at Angry Video..

04 Oct

Jennifer+Robbie | +anticipate

Jennifer worked at Telus for YEARS, and now has a new HR job in Hamilton. Robbie has been working toward being an electrician. He recently landed a great job with the city.  The best part about Jennifer and Robbie, they are friends of mine. When they approached me about shooting their wedding I was stoked...