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A commercial we created for the Americana in Niagara Falls. We provided story boards, cast and direction on this shoot in an effort to guide the production to fit the vision of our client.
See the production notes here: Americana Production

Review from Americana

We couldn’t be more thrilled to have worked and continue to work with Adam and the entire crew at Captivate. Highly recommend them, first class top quality work right from the very first meeting and story boarding, they will bring your vision to life! The shot lists they provide you are incredible with full detail, so you know exactly what will be showcased. Hands down one of the top quality providers if you are looking for a corporate commercial for your business.

Preparation is a major contributing factor to our success. In this project we were able to visit the water park and shoot some test footage with various cameras, rigs and underwater housings. This pre-production work made the content we captured on the day that much better. The footage was assembled in a quick edit to show the client and it ended up being used as part of their social media campaign.