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Courtney+Dylan | Yard Sales, Hot Tubs and a Wedding
Tag: Liuna Station
03 Jun

Courtney+Dylan | Yard Sales, Hot Tubs and a Wedding

We had a wonderful day spent with Courtney+Dylan over the weekend. We can’t wait to dive into their +celebrate film because we captured so many awesome images of this sweet and endearing couple. Doing a same day edit is a challenging but rewarding because we see the content moment to moment. Nothing beats the instant..

21 Nov

Stefanie+Kevin | Lasting Memories

There is truth in the term lasting memories. In 2014 we captured Michelle+Tony’s wedding. In 2015 we captured Telma+Joe’s wedding. In 2016 we captured Carina+Matt’s wedding. Stefanie was at all three events and now it’s her turn. It’s an amazing feeling when our work is seen through a circle of peers and as they all start the..