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“Another One” Music Video
Tag: Toronto
25 Jan

“Another One” Music Video

  • January 25, 2019
  • Captivate

This year we are doing a big push in the commercial world. Closing out 2018, for a release today, we shot a music video for a Toronto based musician Illvibe with Veronica being featured on the track. In early chats with Illvibe, he had sent some new tracks and Another One definitely hit the mood..

02 Sep

Christine+PJ | “it’s always been a thing.”

They met through friends! They went to support a friend’s band at the Piston late one night. They were introduced and talked quite comfortably all evening. What he didn’t know, was that she wasn’t single at the time. He asked about her the next day, and was disheartened to learn that she was not on..