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If you have the opportunity to book Captivate for any event, especially your wedding, we highly recommend taking advantage of that! Make sure you book them ASAP so you get your date as we could not imagine having gone with anyone else.
The greatest responsibility falls to the people you decide to capture your wedding as it is the only thing (besides your dress) that you will have left when all is said and done. Don’t leave your years of planning to chance and listen to all the amazing reviews these guys have already gotten.
We decided to go with the photo and video and their work in both areas blew us out of the water.
My husband and I are both some of the most awkward people on camera but Adrian made us feel comfortable the minute we met him. His skill exceeds expectations and even though we felt awkward, you are unable to see that in any of his photos.
He took the time to get to know us and utilized that to make us stay in the moment while he was taking photos, yelling out little jokes to make us genuinely laugh the minute he was taking a photo.
On our wedding day, he worked with both my husband and I to ensure we didn’t see each other before the wedding (as per our wishes) going so far to text my husband whenever we were going outside the building to make sure there were no accidental run ins.
The level of professionalism Adrian and his team showed was absolutely astounding, I did not have to think twice about whether I needed to worry about a picture I wanted that they may miss as they caught everything, including pictures I didn’t even know I would want!
They were a great addition to our wedding not only doing their job but going above and beyond to interact with our guests to ensure they felt comfortable with the camera as well. We were very impressed with how they captured all of our friends and family at some point in the evening all the while filming to create the beautiful video they made for us.
While the pictures themselves were absolutely pristine (there was not one picture we did not like) we were absolutely blown away by the wedding video.
We were weary about getting the video as we have seen some where all the company does is recap your ceremony, but Captivate managed to capture our entire wedding day into a 7 minute video. The care and creativity they put into the video is very apparent and everyone who has seen it has said how well done it is. The editing is seamless and the video quality beyond what we expected. Some of the shots they got were so outside the box in such an amazing way that the first time we watched it we actually looked at each other and said “woah” then we had to watch it about 6 more times that night as it was just unbelievable.
We feel we really lucked out by choosing captivate. There are so many options for photo and video out there, it is hard to know you chose the right one. Rest assured, if you choose Captivate you will be getting the highest level of quality and the greatest team of people to freeze your perfect day with such care, you would think they were shooting their own wedding.
This is the work you deserve after putting in so much planning into your day, don’t pass them up, you will be sorry if you do.


(on their honeymoon after seeing the cinematic trailer)

You guys are awesome!!! We’re in Ireland having some champagne and I just happened to look at my phone to see if people had posted more pictures. This was a muchhhhhhhhh better surprise!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you sooooooooo much. We love it!!!!!!!

Tom & Stephanie!

Meghan Hines

Adrian and Adam are amazing guys. My husband and I got married yesterday and Adrian was so much fun and so great! He just made our day feel so complete and when I asked for photo’s that were not part of the norm he was open to it. Thanks soooo much Adrian!

Sarah Deney

Just amazing. They were great from the very beginning, and were so much fun to work with on our wedding day. We had both their photo and video services; the sneak peaks we saw from the photos are perfect, and I can’t stop watching the videos (which we received after only 3 weeks)!!!! I cannot recommend them enough–my whole family kept commenting on how wonderful they are.

Erin M

We had the best experience working with Adam and Adrian. Video was something we didn’t originally budget for, but we’re so happy we decided to hire them to capture our big day. We gave Captivate minimal guidance and the final product we got back (only a few short weeks after our wedding) was exceptional. We were so happy to re-live some of our happiest moments and couldn’t be happier with how they decided to compile our story. We will be smiling for years to come & can’t recommend Captivate enough! Thanks again, guys.

Niousha Ghomashchi

The most appropriate words that I can use to describe Captivate Cinema are professional, creative, and efficient. As a thorough, perfectionist, and sometimes crazy lawyer, my standards were quite high and I was VERY pleased to see the standard of excellence I received from Captivate.

My husband (then fiancée) and I met Adam and Adriane from Captivate at one of the many wedding shows we attended. Their work resonated with me immediately and for the lack of a better word ‘captivated’ me. Upon reaching home that day, my husband and I eagerly watched each and every video made by Captivate posted on their website. Not only did we love the creativity that went into each video, we loved that each one was incredibly unique and unlike all the other boring, cookie cutter wedding videos out there.

On the wedding day, despite the distance (Toronto and Saint Catharines) the boys arrived on time and got to work right away. Being an insane bride with my mind on a million different thing, I barely noticed their presence; yet they managed to capture everything beautifully. I can’t begin to describe how much I LOVE our video and the sheer volume of compliments I have received on it. We would HIGHLY recommend them!!!

Michelle Medeiros

By far the best investment we made when it came to our wedding. I remember researching and meeting with several different videographers/photographers. After coming across Captivate Bridal I knew I wouldn’t find any better. Their videos tell a story and show the personalities of both the bride and groom. Not only are the pictures and video unreal but their professionalism is on a whole different level. Captivate makes your feel comfortable and really takes the stress off of you. Since the day we met with them till the very end they made you feel at ease with how much attention they put into you and your special day. They capture moments and that is why they are so unique. I can honestly say I have watched my wedding video dozens of times since I have received it. It’s not like your usual video that takes hours to watch. Within less than half an hour I can look back and fall in love with that day all over again each time I watch it. If it were up to me I would have captivate capture ever special moment in our lives. 5 stars across the board!

Stephanie Morris

On   06/14/2019

Our wedding day video was something we wanted to go back to years down the road to view and remember our perfect day, which is exactly what we did. 3.5 years later, we pulled out our video to show our 2 year old. You can imagine how excited we were t... Read More

Mariya Sikkens

On   11/13/2018

Adam and Adrian are not only professional but also so very talented! We used their services to make a wedding video for us and we were not disappointed! The video is absolutely amazing and a wonderful tribute to the beautiful day we have experienced!... Read More

Amanda Thiessen

On   11/02/2018

We were so impressed working with the guys from Captivate Photo+Cinema. They were great from start to finish. They worked well with our two dogs and all the kids ages 1-11! They made sure to capture all the important moments and then some. We are so ... Read More

Chris Carrier

On   02/18/2019

Adam and his team were very easy to communicate with, they worked on a tight timeline, and produced an amazing result. Highly recommended by the Men In Kilts. Chris Carrier | CEO | Men In Kilts Franchise Services Inc.... Read More

Cody Loughhead

On   09/23/2018

We had the absolute pleasure of having Adrian and Adam work with us for our engagement photos, same day edit and wedding photos. We had so much fun with Adrian during our engagement shoot, he made it so easy and fun. We were up in the air about get... Read More